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Tune in to the Illawarra area radio station - Vox FM 106.9 on Saturday Feb 17 from 10am to Midday to hear an interview with Margaret and listen to many of her recordings during the two hour session with presenter Dennis Koks.

In April 2017 Margaret Brandman's 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' song cycle performed by Baritone Martin Cooke and the composer, was aired in two half-hour programs on Sydney radio station FINE MUSIC 102.5 FM. The DVD of these songs is now available. View the Performance and Recordings page for details.

14th September 2017: Margaret travelled to Prague for a concert performance of her 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' song cycle by the Prague Mixed Chamber Choir and soloists in the concert hall of the Czech Music Museum. The choir also recorded the cycle for the forthcoming PARMA recordings CD. Check out the performance page for video clips of the performance.

The complete book of music and lyrics for the 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' song cycle is now available. Click here for details.

Three new art songs in the collection titled 'From the Mountains to the Sea' for Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone voice and piano are now available. View the page for From the Mountains to the Sea for details.

Sensations recorded in the Czech Republic by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra has been receiving a great deal of international airplay since it was released in May 2016. View the Performance and Recordings page for more information.

'Warm Winds in Havana' suite for Saxophone Quartet and Percussion, recorded in Cuba last year, has been on air on many Jazz Radio programs around the world and was featured on radio HRT Croatia on April 10th this year. ABRAZO compilation CD.


Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac

Song Cycle - One Song for Each of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Lyrics - Benita Rainer
Music - Margaret Brandman
Artwork - Jeremy Blake

Benita Rainer

Benita Rainer


Cosmic Wheel of the zodiac

Margaret Brandman
    Margaret Brandman

Twelve original songs composed by Margaret Brandman to the lyrics by Benita Rainer are set for Baritone or Mezzo Soprano voice ranges, plus optional melodic lines for higher voices. Music Scores and lyric sheets included. MMP 9100 Buy Now

The songs cover a universal span, from each sign's deepest motivation for love, to each soul's most heartfelt desire for spiritual expression.

Journey with Aries, the first primal force of the calendar year, to Taurus' expression of security, and Gemini's mercurial desire for freedom. Experience the depths of Cancer's protection, the instinctual and strident soul creativity of Leo, the amazing Virgo the virgin's cosmic genesis, and Libra's search for harmony.

Scorpio will take you to depths you've never experienced, and, with Sagittarius, you will shoot for the stars.

Catch Capricorn's goat, if you can, and Aquarius' wide-ranging humanity, before experiencing the final resolution of the human spirit with Pisces, the completion of the cosmic wheel.

Premiere performance - September 3rd, 2016
Baritone Martin Cooke in association with composer/pianist Margaret Brandman.

View the Cosmic Wheel Song cycle sampler here:


European Premiere of the choral settings of the Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac Song Cycle by the Prague Mixed Chamber Choir under the direction of Jiří Petrdlik and solo settings sung by Mezzo Soprano Barbora Polâšková and Baritone Matej Chadima took place on the 14th of September 2017 in the Czech Music Museum in Prague.


Margaret Brandman and Martin Cooke on stage


  Prague Choir

CONCERT DVD - The complete 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' Song Cycle in performance order can be viewed on this DVD.

Performances by Martin Cooke in association with Margaret Brandman.
MMP 8101

Buy Now

2016 Concert DVD


The Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac album recorded by the Prague choir and soloists will be available in May 2018 on the Navona Label produced by PARMA Recordings



Benita Rainer, Martin Cooke and Margaret Brandman



1 In Two Minds Gemini 7 Four Castles of Stone Taurus
2 The Water Dragon Scorpio 8 Dance of Life Cancer
3 The Mountain Goat Capricorn 9 In Perfect, Perfect Pitch Libra
4 The Ram in Spring Aries 10 Universal Truth Remains Aquarius
5 Lion Love Leo 11 Virgo Delight Virgo
6 In Neptune's Realm Pisces 12 Cosmic Fire Sagittarius

Link to YouTube Clip Order Number
Aries the Ram The Ram in Spring MMP 9001
Taurus the bull Four Castles of Stone MMP 9002
Gemini the twins In Two Minds MMP 9003

Cancer the crab

Dance of Life MMP 9004
Leo the lion Lion Love MMP 9005
Virgo the virgin Virgo Delight MMP 9006
Libra the scales In Perfect, Perfect Pitch MMP 9007
Scorpio the scorpion The Water Dragon MMP 9008
Saggitarius the archer Cosmic Fire MMP 9009
Capricorn the goat The Mountain Goat MMP 9010
Acquarius the water carrier Universal Truth Remains MMP 9011
Pieces the fish In Neptune's Realm

MMP 9012



Star Sign

1 The Ram in Spring Aries Eb 01:50
2 Four Castles of Stone Taurus Fmi 02:46
3 In Two Minds Gemini G 02:21
4 Dance of Life Cancer G 02:38
5 Lion Love Leo E 02:20
6 Virgo Delight Virgo G 02:32
7 In Perfect, Perfect Pitch Libra A 04:05
8 The Water Dragon Scorpio D or Bb 01:36
9 Cosmic Fire Sagittarius D 03:00
10 The Mountain Goat Capricorn Bb 01:46
11 Universal Truth Remains Aquarius Bb 02:31
12 In Neptune's Realm Pisces Fmi 02:02