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Margaret's book:

Margaret Brandman's 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' song cycle performed by Baritone Martin Cooke and the composer, will be aired in two half-hour programs presented by Patrick Thomas on the 21st and 28th of April 2017 on Sydney radio station FINE MUSIC 102.5 FM. The DVD of these songs is also available now. View the Performance and Recordings page for details.

September 2017: Margaret will travel to Prague for a concert performance of her 'Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac' song cycle by the Prague Choir on the 14th of September. The choir will be recording the cycle for PARMA recordings.

Three new art songs in the collection titled 'From the Mountains to the Sea' for Mezzo-Soprano or Baritone voice and piano are now available. View the page for From the Mountains to the Sea for details.

Sensations recorded in the Czech Republic by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra has been receiving a great deal of international airplay since it was released in May 2016. View the Performance and Recordings page for more information.

'Warm Winds in Havana' suite for Saxophone Quartet and Percussion, recorded in Cuba last year, has been on air on many Jazz Radio programs around the world and was featured on radio HRT Croatia on April 10th this year. ABRAZO compilation CD.



Margaret Brandman    

Margaret Brandman is available for professional performances either as solo pianist, in a duo or with her trio, playing written or improvised music. She specialises in sight-reading modern chord charts, classical music and vocal accompaniments in both classical and modern styles.


The Margaret Brandman Trio with featured guests

Available for functions in the greater Sydney area.

Elegant Jazz or Classical Styles.

Sensitive Experienced Performers.




Phone Margaret: 02 9527 6661
Mobile: 0414 185 193


Guest artists include:
Blue Velvet Jazz -

Joy Mulligan - jazz stylist

Desiree Regina -


Click here to listen to sample tracks of Margaret's compositions sung by
Cherie Valaray

Lady of Grace in Mosman 2016

CD Launch and Recital 2016 in Sydney

CD Promotion and Airplay in the USA

Recording in Olomouc 2015

Performance in Netherlands 2014

Performance in Canberra 2014

Rhapsodies to Rhumbas 2014

Rhapsodies to Rhumbas 2013

Music Without Borders

Christmas Day Performances


International Performances

Performances in America

Performance in England

Performance of Spirit Visions 2011

Australian Premier of Spirit Visions

Performance of Songs of Love and Desire 2011

Australian Concert of Women Composers

American Performance Women Composers

Performance of Undulations in Sydney


Performance of Undulations in Germany

Performances in Hawaii June 2005

Australian Radio Broadcast

Performance of 'Sonorities' at the Joan Sutherland Centre

Australian Premiere of Lyric Fantasy

Performance in Italy Saxophone Quartet


Greg Van Der Struik Pastor de Lasala Margaret Brandman mosman 2016


Lady of Grace – Performance by Trombonist Gregory van der Struik accompanied by Pastor De Lasala on organ, at the Mosman Uniting Church, 23rd of October 2016. (NSW Australia)


Gregory van der Struik has held the position of Principal Trombone in the Australian opera and Ballet orchestra since 1987.

Sydney Conservatorium Recital 2016 poster

Margaret Brandman and Baritone Martin Cooke take a bow


The Music of Margaret Brandman -
Celebratory CD Launch and Recital

Venue: Recital Hall East, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.
Saturday September 3rd. 7.30 pm


This celebratory concert featured audio/visual selections from SENSATIONS & ABRAZO in addition to live performances of Autumn Rhapsody (piano solo) and newly composed art songs, Lady of Grace and The Baragoola Sails to Manly, performed by Margaret Brandman in association with guest artist Baritone Martin Cooke of the Bavarian State Opera Company.

The second half was entirely devoted to the Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac Song Cycle, (lyrics by Benita Rainer) performed by Martin Cooke in association with Margaret Brandman.


View Margaret Brandman's Cosmic Wheel Song Cycle Sampler video below. The full concert DVD 'The Music of Margaret Brandman' can be ordered from the Order page here:


Buy Now



More photos of the evening are available on the photos page here.

Margaret Brandman at Parma Recordings Offices in the USA

Margaret holding the 2 new CDs
featured in the PARMA Blog.


Margaret's visit to PARMA in the USA and Sensations Airplay.


Read highlights of Margaret's visit to PARMA Recordings in the USA in the PARMA Blog here.

AIRPLAY log of radio air plays of Margaret's works from her Sensations CD:

May 2016
1) WPRB 103.3 FM - New Jersey
Classical Discoveries. 9.40 am 11/5/16 Marvin Rosen presenter Firestorm Symphony - Three Movements
2) (Burlington - USA) 17/5/16 9.32am Firestorm 3rd Movement
3) New York ' Fresh from the Wrapper' 19/5/16.
Binna Burra Dreaming
4) Hildegarde to Hildegarde- 19/5/16 Firestorm Symphony - Three Movements


Recording with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Olomouc in the Czech Republic in 2015.

In September 2015 Margaret supervised the performance and recording of many of her works in the Czech republic for a CD on the Navona Label. This clip is from Margaret's composition Love Brings Change (Adagio for String Orchestra) performed and recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Petr Vronski.


Click here to see a clip of Czech pianist Lucie Kaucká rehearsing a section of the solo piano part for Lyric Fantasy (piano and strings)

Margaret with Duo Deconet and the Ambassadors from Mexico and Venezuala

Margaret with Duo Deconet and the Ambassadors from Mexico and Venezuala


On the 9th of October 2014, Margaret attended
Margaret with Duo Deconet at 'Soul of Latin America' concertDuo Deconet's 'Soul of Latin America' concert
as guest composer.

The duo performed Margaret's 'Jucaro Rhumba D'Amor' for violin and piano as part of this concert which was presented at the ANU (Canberra) in conjunction with the Australian National Centre for Latin American studies. The ambassadors for Mexico, Venezuela and Ecuador were in the audience and they were the first to rise leading the standing ovation for Margaret's work.


Raúl Gangotena
Ambassador of Ecuador
Wrote to Margaret following the performance of her work 'Jucaro Rhumba D'Amor' by Duo Deconet.


"Dear Margaret,

It was a unique experience to listen to the beautiful piece you have composed for violin and piano, (Jucaro Rhumba D'Amor) last Thursday 9 October at ANU School of Music.

The standing ovation of the audience to you said it all. Your composition is delicate and luminous, with melodies that caress the spirit.

It was a privilege to be at a performance of your composition and to meet you personally.

Best regards

Raúl Gangotena
Ambassador of Ecuador
Canberra, Australia

Dutch Mezzo Soprano - Elisabeth Van Der Gulik

Dutch Mezzo Soprano - Elisabeth Van Der Gulik with pianist, Maarten Hillenius at a recent recital.

Maarten Hillenius and Elisabeth both live in Amsterdam. Martin regularly accompanies
singers at Dutch conservatories.


Dutch Mezzo Soprano - Elisabeth Van Der Gulik with pianist, Maarten Hillenius In the Netherlands in September 2014 Mezzo soprano Elisabeth Van der Gulik sang four of Margaret's songs from the song cycle 'Songs of Love and Desire'. She wrote;

"Morning Margaret,


I was very happy with the appreciation of my recital.
The audience were very pleased with the variety of the program.
Your songs were received as beautiful songs, for which I must have studied a lot, they said.

Many thanks for your beautiful songs,


The four songs performed were
1) Desire
2) Secrets of a Trembling Passion
3) Catch me if you can
4) Do you remember?





Rhapsodies to Rhumbas 2014








Duo Deconet



23rd of August 2014

Rhapsodies to Rhumbas - Photo Credit: Linda Jocelyn





















Following the 2013 successful concert in Penrith NSW, the concert was staged again in 2014 at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood. Audiences experienced this joyous concert of Margaret's vocal and instrumental works ranging from Rhapsodies to Rhumbas to Jazz performed by an amazing complement of talented artists.

In addition to composer/pianist Margaret Brandman who performed her solo 'Autumn Rhapsody' and accompanied many of the ensemble works, the concert featured Duo Deconet performing Margaret's contemporary violin and piano works, mezzo soprano Joanne Burton, who presented five songs from Margaret's song cycle, Songs of Love and Desire, Yyani Rose on jazz vocals and the excellent new generation of players in the Brandmanburg saxophone quartet and jazz ensemble.


Concert Reviews: "This year I had the pleasure of compering one of Margaret Brandman's concerts at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood. This was the first time that I had heard Margaret's music and I was amazed at her versatility ..." Read full review by Michael Morton-Evans, OAM, Presenter, Fine Music FM.

View or download the concert poster here (A4 PDF, 860KB).

Rhapsodies To Rhumbas Concert 2013





Rhapsodies to Rhumbas





Simon and Margaret - photo credit MAMM International



9 November 2013


Rhapsodies to Rhumbas - Photo Credit: Linda Jocelyn





















Margaret's spectacular 'Rhapsodies to Rhumbas' concert took place on
November the 9th, 2013, 7pm-9pm


An exciting celebration of the music of Margaret Brandman, performed by world-class musicians from Europe and beyond.


Audience members were treated to a night of stellar performances of the compositions of Australian composer, Margaret Brandman.


Featuring the composer, plus the finest musicians from Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, and Europe, the concert programme consisted entirely of Brandman compositions for various instrumental ensembles and singers, each introduced by Master of Ceremonies - Ross Hutchison.


"Hearing the saxophonist and the jazz players has ignited a new appreciation of the instrument and style of music…In fact every piece, every singer & every instrumentalist had their own unique brilliance. Thank you again Margaret for a magical evening!" Jennifer and Stan Comino.


This spectacular concert left audience members dancing, smiling and on a high note for days after.


"Your music made me happy and the feeling lasted a full 24 hours!" Benita Rainer."


Click here to read the full review by Artie J. Brown


This article on the forthcoming Rhapsodies to Rhumbas concert
appeared in the Western Weekender newspaper (Penrith) on the 25th of October.

Click here for details. View or download the concert poster here (A4 PDF, 1.5MB).
Photo credit: Linda Jocelyn

Duo Duconet    


August 10, 2013


Duo Deconet performed two of Margaret's works scored for violin and piano at the Music without Borders concert. 


1) Jucaro Rumba D'Amor
2) The Eastern Spinebill and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos Herald a Blue Mountains Bush Fire.





Margaret takes a bow after the performance of her pieces
Margaret takes a bow after the performance of her pieces

Duo Deconet premiered new music from Latin American and Australian composers.
This special event brought together living composers from both continents
through the influence of Latin American Rhythms.


Music from: Mexico - Miguel Bernal Jimenez, Alejandro Corona, Carlos Salomon,
Venezuela-Paul Dessene, Costa Rica-Eddie Mora,

- Daniel Rojas, Margaret Brandman and Elena Kats-Chernin.


Venue: Mosman Art Gallery, Corner Art Gallery Way & Myahgah Rd, Mosman, NSW.
Date: August 10th, 6:30pm Sydney, Australia

Margaret Brandman and Joy Mulligan
Margaret performing with
Jazz stylist Joy Mulligan at the
Grace Hotel in Sydney on
Christmas Day 2010.


Margaret performed at the Grace Hotel
in Sydney on Christmas day 2010 and also in 2012,
together with Jazz song stylist, Joy Mulligan.


Budapest Parliament House
Budapest Parliament House

David Lever – on Scenic Boat cruise writes:

"Dear Margaret, Thank you for providing us with a special and beautiful moment for our trip.
Like Peter Sculthorpe, your own compositions lead your mind to create images, particularly of the landscape.


Although you could not see it when you were playing, the Autumn trees gliding past were a perfect background to your Autumn composition. Loved it!
Regards David

Dr Adrienne Wiley
Dr Adrienne Wiley,
Professor of Piano and Pedagogy,
Central Michigan University USA

Performances in America

Dr Adrienne Wiley writes: Dr. Mary Jo Cox, and I played your 'Spirit Visions' duet on my recital in Februrary 2103. It was an organ and piano/duet recital and went over really well--not only the recital, but your piece was a favorite as mentioned by colleagues, students, and friends.


On May 9th, 2013 I played "Winter Piece" at a recital for the Omaha Music Teachers, Omaha, Nebraska, May 9. They loved it!


I also played it for a church-related event 2012 On September 17th



I played "Winter Piece" at the University of Illinois,  School of Music, Smith Recital Hall USA



In September 2011 – I performed Winter Piece in the Staples Family Recital Hall (500 seat venue) School of Music Central Michigan University, USA

Margaret Brandman    



Performance in Oxford (UK) August 2012


These piano compositions were performed by Margaret at the concert presented during the World Forum held at St Catherine's College - Oxford University - England

In Blissful Serenity

Autumn Rhapsody

Love Brings Change

Jucaro Rhumba



She also accompanied Elizabeth Van Der Gulik, who sang 'Secrets of a Trembling Passion'

And 'Do You Remember' from Margaret's song cycle Songs of Love and Desire

Meriel Owen, Donna Riles pianists and Margaret Brandman
Meriel Owen, Donna Riles pianists
and Margaret Brandman

Australian Performance at Orange Regional Conservatorium



'Spirit Visions' for two pianos was performed by Meriel Owen and Donna Riles on the 24th of June 2011 at Orange Regional Conservatorium.


Margaret attended the concert as guest of honour.


Jenny Hammond
Video clip of Jenny Hammond
performing 'Spirit Visions'

Australian Premiere performance of Spirit Visions



17th of December Spirit Visions for two pianos was premiered by duo pianists Jenny Hammond and Frank O'Brien at a concert at the Joan Sutherland Centre in Penrith NSW.


See a video clip on Facebook here.

Desiree Regina
Desiree Regina

Australian Performance of
Songs of Love and Desire


Mother's Day Concert 2009 (May 10th) at the Bundeena Picture Gallery 58 Brighton Street, Bundeena  Internationally acclaimed Mezzo Soprano - Desiree Regina and Margaret  performed their song cycle -  Songs of Love and Desire. Music by Margaret, lyrics by Desiree.


Click here to hear samples of the songs.

Cherie Valaray
Cherie Valaray

Australian Concert of Women Composers


2009 (March 8th) in the Aurora Room, Master Builder's Club,  61 Church Street, Wollongong 

Margaret performed her songs More and More, and Tender Secrets  with soprano Cherie Valaray. Click here to listen to sample tracks of Margaret's compositions sung by Cherie Valaray.


Margaret's composition 'When Spirits Soar' was performed by Joanna Argall (Alto Sax) and Samuel Cottell (piano). 



American Performance

Women Composers Festival of Hartford Connecticut, USA. 


American perfomance 2009 (March 21st) Women Composers Festival of Hartford  at the University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA. 


Binna Burra - Margaret's new work for Solo Bass and Piano was premiered by  the Duo Moderno - Allan Von Schenkel and Kristen Williams.



'UNDULATIONS' was performed by the Sydney Sinfonietta, under the direction of Anthony Clarke


Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of June 2006 in the Utzon Hall
Sydney Opera House

Sunday the 13th of November 2005 in the crypt in St Mary's Cathedral,
St Mary's Road in Sydney

Friday the 18th of November 2005 at Newtown Uniting Church,
280A King St, Newtown

Sunday the 20th of November 2005 at St Francis Catholic Church,
463 Oxford St, Paddington

Click here to view the concert poster


Performance in Germany of


September 17th 2005

The Kammerorchester (chamber orchestra) der GEDOK performed Margaret's work 'UNDULATIONS' for String Orchestra at a concert of colours and sounds, during Kulturwoche in Heidelberg.

Performance in Hawaii    

Performances in Hawaii June 2005

Margaret Brandman performed the following of her piano compositions at the concert presented for the International Congress on Society, Culture and the Arts in the Sheraton Moana Hotel Ballroom.


Winter Piece

Bach 'Arioso' arr. Brandman

Love Brings Change

Jucaro Rhumba



She also accompanied Elizabeth Van Der Gulik, who sang three songs from Margaret's song cycle Songs of Love and Desire


'Secrets of a Trembling Passion'

'Do You Remember'

'Catch me if you can'

Australian Radio Broadcast

Secrets of a Trembling Passion was aired on 2MBS FM on September 19th, 2004


Margaret's compositions which aired on ABC Classic FM in 2004 include:


Saxophone Quartet - ( from CD -Images) on April 25th - Afternoon drivetime program hosted by Julia Lester

Celtic Country Dance on May 29th (piano solo - performed by Margaret Brandman from CD -Images ) Morning program hosted by Clive Robertson

Weaving - Piano Solo on June 2nd (perfomed by Margaret Brandman from CD -Sonorities) Morning program hosted by Clive Robertson and

Swingin' Bear Boogie on June 5th (Piano Solo perfomed by Warwick Dunham from CD -Images ) Morning program hosted by Clive Robertson


Australian Performance 'Sonorities' at
the Joan Sutherland Centre


SONORITIES" for piano was performed at the Joan Sutherland Centre in Penrith by Aaron McMillan. This work was part of a concert of Australian compositions all of which are included in Aaron's CD "Arc of Light"


Venue: Joan Sutherland Centre in Penrith


Date : September 14th, 2002


Lyric Fantasy poster    

Australian Premiere Performance Lyric Fantasy


'Lyric Fantasy' for piano and string orchestra, was premiered in Canberra by the Musica da Camera Orchestra with piano soloist Colin Forbes. 4th of Sept 1999


Lyric Fantasy    
Performance in Italy
Saxophone Quartet

At the 'Donne in Musica' Festival in Fiuggi, Italy

Margaret's Saxophone Quartet was performed by 'Donne in Sax'

9th of September 1997